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Discover the Difference a Safe Salon Makes
We've seen the stories on the news with disturbing scenes of infections recieved at a salon from dirty implements. How do we prevent these things from happening in our salons? The answer lies in the products we market along with the education to use them properly.

Product Support after the sale
We are committed to offering support after the sale for all of our merchandise.
Please contact our support team by emailing service@safesalonsupply.com.

Link to Continuing Education
Continuing education is a key component of any safe salon. We will support this by adding articles and links to continuing education whenever possible. We have also partnered with MediNail Learning Center.

If you have information you'd like to include or learn more about, please contact us at service@safesalonsupply.com.

Safe Salon Supply, LLC will also offer educational opportunities, so check back often. 

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