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Consumer Advocacy

Ballad Health Consumer Class 'Salon Safety'

There is more to nail service than pretty polish. This class will cover what a nail salon professional can do for you, shouldn’t do and how and where to have a safe, healthy salon experience. Registration is required as seating is limited!

  • Mall at Johnson City, Thursday April 12, 12:30-1:30 Click Here
  • Fort Henry Mall, Thursday April 26, 2-3 Click Here
  • Call 1-844-488-7827 to register.

Are you a potential client of a salon but have concerned about the safety of their services?

You see the horror stories on the news, but rarely do you get sound advice on how to find safe salon services. Or worse, the advice you hear is misguided and could cause you more harm. ("Bring your own implements"? No true professional will use implements they aren't familiar with. Learn why in this seminar.)

Saiph Pro has developed a short program to help you know what to look for and expect from a safe salon service.

In cooperation with Safe Salon Rating, we are excited to speak to your group of potential salon clients! Mom's groups, professionals, medical facilities... We'll meet you at a coffee shop, church or in your office. If it's nice, we'll even meet you at the park!

Contact us at sales@safesalonsupply.com to schedule your guest speaker!

We want YOU to become an educated consumer. Contact us to schedule your FREE* seminar for your group!

*Yes, it's FREE. We need at least an hour of your time and if you bring coffee or sweet tea, we'd like that, too...
However, this offer is currently only available in the Tri-Cities, TN (Johnson City, Kingsport, Bristol and surrounding areas) and Asheville and surrounding areas in NC. If you are not in these areas, contact us anyway and we will try to make arrangements!