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Vivian Valenty, Creator of Dazzle Dry
Nail Tech Event of the Smokies, 2016
Aerovex Systems through Safe Salon Supply saved Dazzle Dry at the Nail Tech Event of the Smokies in Gatlinburg, TN! The Dazzle Dry booth was next to a company demoing L&P systems and the ethyl methacrylate monomer was giving us headaches and nausea. Thank goodness Crystal of Safe Salon Supply had an Aerovex System on display at her booth and offered it for our use. It was like night and day - as soon as the Aerovex system started running, the monomer smell was virtually eliminated and we were able to get through the day with no more headaches! Without the Aerovex System, our only option was to take down our booth and go home! Every nail tech should have a source capture ventilation system at their nail table!
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MediNails has been blessed with many graduates who make a big difference in the national nail salon safety industry. 
Crystal Pike, a MediNail MNT and CCPMA has distinguished herself by starting Safe Salon Supply, LLC which offers nail technicians a new one-stop-online store for all your salon safety supplies.
Safe Salon Supply, LLC has partnered with MediNail Learning Center, WeSterilize.com and SafeSalonRating.com to help promote better access to exceptional safety supplies and education that will help your salon exceed state standards.

I welcome Safe Salon Supply, LLC as the new dynamic in promoting a vast improvement of safety in salons.

DR Robert Spalding
President, MediNail Learning Center
I am constantly asked where  I buy Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) like gloves, masks, even autoclaves. These items are the back bone of all 5 STAR SAFE SALONS and can be tricky to locate.
Safe Salon Supply,  LLC is a huge time saver because everything you need is in one place with out the constant flux in prices you find everywhere else. 
Athena Elliott
VP- MediNail Learning Center
VP- Safe Salon Rating
Pres-Nail Talk Radio

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Heather C.: This is a brilliant idea...and so needed!!
Nikki L.: That is super exciting!!!! I just opened my own salon so perfect timing

Lynnette F.: Love that you are part of the solution! Way to go.

Stephanie S.: Thank you for creating this business for us nail techs. I love your story on how you came to start the business. This industry can be a struggle but when you are where you are supposed to be your life is wonderful. Thanks for making our lives a little easier.
Vivian E.: This is awesome. Thank you for providing an easier avenue to purchase everything required to go safe.